The 2016 Batch ONE is a bourbon unlike any other. Raised in new, charred french oak barrels for over three years is just the start of what makes this bourbon unique. the white oak used for the barrels originated from the famed limousin forest in france. placed into the barrels at a relatively lower proof, this allows the bourbon to interact with the barrel in a much gentler manner. the mashbill itself is a proprietary blend. the bourbon was distilled in 2016, and bottled in March of 2019. This particular bourbon aims to focus on the mashbill as the centerpiece, with the barrel notes playing a supporting role.

The bourbon was placed in bottle, without a drop of additional water and completely without filtration. This means that what comes in the bottle is exactly what you would have tasted during a barrel tasting. a total of 3,000 bottles were produced.


Producer Tasting Note:

“The 2016 batch 1 gives a warm apricot and orange peel aroma on the nose. There is not much of a hint of the 120 proof lurking beneath. Light honey notes come in with more air contact. A first taste reveals again, a warmth. This time, caramel, spice and deep fruits dominate a surprising first approach, the weight showing more dense and concentrated than the vintage would convey. in mouth, there is a deep complexity here, which also shifts towards milk chocolate with a soft note of dried orange peel. the mouthfeel is Oily and Polished. brown spice with a touch of white pepper-like heat folds into the fruity and caramel driven delivery. The finish is long, trailing off with excellent texture and energy that takes a while to completely fade away.”